Cyberpunk Cats: the Battle For NeoArc


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An electrifying new sci-fi novel that blends the creative imagination of an inspired human writer with the literary skills of an advanced AI. This book represents the next evolution of fiction – AI-assisted writing.

Immerse yourself in the electrifying world of NeoArc, where neon-lit streets conceal a labyrinth of shadows and secrets. This gripping cyberpunk saga takes you on a thrilling journey through a city on the brink of rebellion.

Follow Sable, Mirage, Bolt, and Rust, a group of cyberpunk cats, as they navigate a city manipulated by ruthless corporate remnants. Together, they form an unlikely alliance with human factions, determined to reclaim NeoArc from the grip of oppression.

As the echoes of conflict resonate through the neon-soaked streets, the alliance unravels the hidden truths, exposes the web of manipulation, and confronts the illusions that have entrapped NeoArc for far too long.


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